Good food leads to good day

You have arguments with your boss, peers or your family members and you are unable to let go.

You are very hungry, furious and go help yourself and you happen to eat tasty biryani, hot Gulab Jamun and Rabdi..Or just imagine whatever you love to eat.. Yummy!!!!

So someone serves that to you when you are at your worst mood won’t that change your mood to some extent!! Won’t you be slightly happy?

Yes pals.. Food detoxes your mind.!! Sometimes, cooking your favourite food also helps to some extent..

Hence good food makes your day good, isn’t it.. Try it out!! It does help!


Stay Happy! Because, Problems are mantra to success !

There is one moment in everyone’s life where everything is going right and there is this very moment where everything is going wrong .

Yes,my friend nothing is permanent.

These bad moments of your life is always a heads up to the beautiful journey waiting for you out there.

So take every problem as an opportunity.Never regret to face it ,because it might cause you pain now but down the line these problems will mitigate the pain you will face when you encounter even more intense issues in future.

Responsibility increases with experience.It is hard to be responsible and sometimes a pain.But if you try to look at the positive side to this,taking and fulfilling the responsibility will make you much wise and tough for a better future.

Every aspect in life ,seems hard sometimes .But if you take some time and dwell on it ,you can find positivity in every situation .

Start from will definitely be  blissful to you.


via Daily Prompt: Champion

I win a race,that doesn’t make me a champion.It is all about taking things sportively and ¬†having the” perseverance “,you are a “born champion“.If you are capable to keep going even if you are defeated multiple times,then indeed you are a champion.

A leader in a group is a champion,when he trains his team members to be a “leader” .A physically disabled,mentally disabled who tries to do something outside his comfort zone willingly is a champion.

All of us ,are champions ,because all of us have a unique talent which no one else can beat or possess.So it just depends on us ,how we take life ,if we take it sportively we will find ourselves as a champion in every point of our life.

So,guys cheers to all of us !!